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Pocket PC Applications

NEW: Wildcard search (* and ?) capability has been added to the Hebrew texts.
Copy capability has been added to most texts.
All Hebrew texts work with Hebrew Enabled windows.
All texts (including Hebrew - With Nekuddos) are now fully searchable.

Luach Colel Chabad - לוח כולל חב"ד
Pocket PC  5773 - Hebrew
(לשון הקודש - ה'תשע"ג)
2012-09-14 New
Pocket PC  5773 - English2012-09-14 New

Sicha Yomis - שיחה יומית
Pocket PC  5771 (לשון הקודש)2010-09-21 
Pocket PC  5771 (אידיש)2010-09-21 

Toras Menachem - תורת מנחם
Vol 1-10 Vol 1
Vol 2
Vol 3
Vol 4
Vol 5
Vol 6
Vol 7
Vol 8
Vol 9
Vol 10
Vol 1-10 Vol 1
Vol 2
Vol 3
Vol 4
Vol 5
Vol 6
Vol 7
Vol 8
Vol 9
Vol 10
Vol 1-10 Vol 1
Vol 2
Vol 3
Vol 4
Vol 5
Vol 6
Vol 7
Vol 8
Vol 9
Vol 10
Toras Menachem2004-10-26 

Likutei Sichos - ליקוטי שיחות (Hebrew)
Pocket PCMIPSSH3Volume 30-39
Pocket PCMIPSSH3Volume 30-34
Pocket PCMIPSSH3Volume 35-39
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Volume 30 (Bereishis)2004-07-22 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Volume 31 (Shemos)2004-07-26 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Volume 32 (Vayikra)2004-08-01 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Volume 33 (Bamidbar)2004-08-02 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Volume 34 (Devarim)2004-07-22 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Volume 35 (Bereishis)2004-08-05 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Volume 36 (Shemos)2004-09-27 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Volume 37 (Vayikra)2004-09-27 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Volume 38 (Bamidbar)2004-09-27 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Volume 39 (Devarim)2004-09-27 

Pocket PC MIPS SH312 Pesukim (Hebrew & English)2004-05-13 

Siddur - סידור (Hebrew - With Nekuddos)
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Nusach Ari2009-03-13 Updated
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Nusach Sefard (Classic)2004-03-24 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Nusach Sfard (Ari Zal)2003-11-30 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Eidus Hamizrach2004-05-05 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Nusach Ashkenaz2005-07-15 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Torah Reading
(For Monday & Thursday)

Tanach - תנ"ך (Hebrew - With Nekuddos)
Download Tanach2004-01-27 
Pocket PC MIPSSH3Chumash With English2004-05-05 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Chumash With Targum2006-02-28 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Tehillim2003-09-02 

Mishnayos - משניות
Mishnayos (Hebrew - with Vowels)2005-06-12 
Mishnayos (Hebrew - with Bartenura)2005-07-15 

Gemara - גמרא
Talmud Bavli (Hebrew - with Rashi)2005-06-12 

Hayom-Yom - היום יום
Pocket PC MIPS SH3(Hebrew) 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3(English) 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3(Yiddish)2003-02-23 

Tanya - תניא   (Hebrew Text)
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Regular & Leap Year2002-11-26 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Leap Year2002-11-20 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Regular Year2002-11-26 

Tanya - תניא   (English Text)
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Regular & Leap Year2002-11-20 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Leap Year2002-11-20 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Regular Year 

Rambam - רמב"ם
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Moreh Shiur (Hebrew)
Pocket PC MIPS SH33 Chapters per day (Hebrew)
Pocket PC MIPS SH31 Chapter per day (Hebrew)
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Sefer HaMitzvos (English)
Pocket PC  Sefer HaMitzvos (French)2009-06-21 New

Holiday Guides   (English Text)
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Tishrei Guide - 5766 (2005)2003-09-01 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Chanuka Guide - 5769 (2008)2005-12-12 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Purim Guide - 5769 (2009)2003-09-01 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Passover Guide - 5769 (2009)2003-09-01 
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Shavuos Guide - 5765 (2005)2003-09-01 

Shulchan Aruch - שלחן ערוך   (Hebrew)
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Shulchan Aruch HaRav2005-01-23 
Pocket PCMIPSSH3Orach Chayim
Mechaber & Ramma
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Yoreh Deoh
Mechaber & Ramma
Pocket PC MIPSSH3Even HoEzer
Mechaber & Ramma
Pocket PCMIPSSH3Choshen Mishpat
Mechaber & Ramma
Pocket PC MIPS SH3All 4 Parts
Mechaber & Ramma
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Kitzur2004-05-18 

Other Texts   (Hebrew)
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Basi Legani
מאמר: באתי לגני - תש"י
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Baal HaTurim
בעל הטורים
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Ramban on The Torah
רמב"ן על התורה
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Noam Elimeleh
נועם אלימלך
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Ohr HaChayim
אור החיים
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Sefer HaChinuch
ספר החינוך
Pocket PC MIPS SH3Perek Shirah
פרק שירה

Birchas Hachama - ברכת החמה
Pocket PC  Nusach Chabad
(נוסח חב"ד)

The Weekly Aliyot
Books from Sichos In English


  1. What is ARM, MIPS and SH3?

  2. These are the names of different types of CPUs used on Pocket PC's.

  1. How do I know if the CPU in my Pocket PC is ARM, MIPS or SH3?

  2. All Modern Pocket PCs / Windows Mobile devices use an ARM.

    If the ARM applications don't work, follow the instructions below:

    1. Click on the Start button.

    2. Click on the Settings button (or tab).

    3. Click on the About Icon (if available).

    4. Read what it says by Processor.

      Example: MIPS R4000.

  1. That's too confusing, can you tell me which one I should download?

  2. Most modern Pocket PCs which are purchased today, such as iPaq, HP, DELL, Toshiba, use the ARM.

  1. When I try to install your programs, I get an error message saying:
    This is a valid program, but is for machine type other than the current machine.
    Can you help?

  2. These programs are not intended to be run on your Desktop Computer, rather on your Pocket PC.

    To install the Programs onto your Pocket PC, follow these steps:

    1. On your Desktop, Click on My Computer.

    2. Navigate to the folder where you saved the program you downloaded.

    3. Highlight the program(s).

    4. Copy the program(s).

    5. Go back to My Computer.

    6. Click on Mobile Device.

    7. Navigate to "windows\Start Menu".

    8. Paste the program(s).

  1. How can I get the Hebrew to work?

  2. If you have a Hebrew font on your computer (such as Arial) you can skip to #3.

    1. Download a Hebrew font, such as the Ezra SIL Hebrew font.

    2. Copy the TTF files to the \Windows\Fonts folder on your Pocket PC. OR

    3. Copy an installed font from your computer (from the C:\windows\Fonts folder) to the \Windows\Fonts folder on your Pocket PC.

      Example: Arial.

    4. Launch the Pocket PC application.

    5. Choose the Font menu.

    6. Select the font name and size of the Hebrew font

    7. If you do not see Hebrew letters on the bottom section, try changing between 224 and 5D0.

  1. I have a Hebrew font on my Pocket PC, but I see Garbage on my screen, What now?

  2. try the following steps:

    1. Launch the Pocket PC application.

    2. Choose the Font menu.

    3. Select the font name and size of the Hebrew font

    4. If you do not see Hebrew letters on the bottom section, try changing between 224 and 5D0.

  1. Where can I obtain a Hebrew font for my Pocket PC with Nekuddos?

  2. try download and The Ezra Sil font, and follow instruction from How can I get the Hebrew to work?.

  1. I am using Hebrew Enabled, and the Hebrew is backwards, What can I do?

  2. From the File menu, choose Reverse, this should fix it.

    (If the menu does not appear, try running this ReverseHebrew application.)

    Note: This feature is new to version 1.43b

  1. My Pocket PC is running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, and the the menus don't show up, What can I do?

  2. This has been fixed in version 1.80a, Download the latest copy.

  1. I installed The Whole Shas (Bavli), and I can not access past "Masechtas ... Daf ...", What can I do?

  2. This error is sporadic, this seems to be a Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition problem, currently we don't have a "fix" for this, as this is an internal OS error, however after testing, we found the following to work:

    1. Remove ALL of our applications from the Pocket PC (save a copy elsewhere, such as your computer).

    2. Reset the Pocket PC.

    3. Install the Shas onto the Pocket PC (this should be done first).

    4. Reset the Pocket PC (again!).

    5. Install the rest of our applications onto the Pocket PC.

    6. Reset the Pocket PC (yet again!).

    7. Launch the Shas on the Pocket PC.

    8. Choose Berachos 2a.

    9. Choose Niddah 73a.

    NOTE: You may find that you don't need all those Resets, however this appears to be more reliable.

Comments or questions regarding these applications.

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